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Aquaflow Breast Form TR630


The Aquaflow Breast Form from Trulife is a fantastic solution for the water - made from a thin layer of vented foam and lightweight monoprene beads and moulded with fast drying spacer fabric. The beads do not absorb water and so the whole breastform is quick drying. The beads move around within the form, meaning that it has a flexible shape that can mimic the movement of a natural breast e.g. when you are lying on your back on a towel the active flow form will flatten in shape. It is a lightweight and durable swim form that can also be used for daily wear if you choose.

  • Lightweight monoprene beads move and flatten when lying down, giving a natural and flattering profile.
  • Molded with fast-dry spacer fabric.
  • Water resistant satin draw string bag can be used to carry damp items or wet swimsuit.
  • Satin garment loop can be used to pin into a garment.

100% Polyester.
Sizes available: 3-11.

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