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Just Briefly

A new website means a trip down memory lane...

You may have noticed that here at things look a little different. We've updated our site and that has brought back memories of when we first created our online store in 2016.

Have a look back at our thoughts on the process...


January 28, 2022

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Hark back to September 2016...

As we embarked on creating this new website for our beloved customers, we started off as an amateur baker would… you already have a cake and you need something to finish it off, so you reach for a packet icing mix! Said to be simple, ready to serve in half an hour with a recipe you hadn’t tried before – a quick process with a few essential ingredients and a bit of elbow-grease-whisking. What it ended up becoming was a slow-cook process in a large heavy saucepan: adding new, raw and fresh ingredients constantly, with no real recipe and taste testing as we went…the longer we cooked it, the better the flavour became!

What it has all boiled down to after a long time simmering on the stove is a delicious saucepan of something akin to a divine berry coulis that you will pour over a rich full flavoured chocolate mud cake...

The chocolate mud cake being our rich, dense and gorgeous selection of lingerie and swimwear that we have in store and is available for you to browse online – and to even see what exact sizes are available! We continuously search the globe for the best products to bring to you, all whilst supporting local and small businesses. Just like eating a piece of mud cake, you may feel like you’re full but after one more bite you’re reminded of how yummy it is and you’ve got to keep going in for more. The same goes for your bras and swimwear, as you try on each new item you are reminded of the amazing feeling you get from having the perfect fit, and the way colours prints and a great shape can liven up your day.

That sumptuous saucepan of berry coulis is the perfect finishing touch that was well worth the wait… you can SHOP ONLINE WITH US rather than just in store!

  • You can create and send your Wishlist to your significant other or your girlfriends.
  • You can work out your sizing and find the perfect fit with our Fitting & Size Guide.
  • Stay in touch with news and updates happening in store with our Blog.
Jump forward a few years, now in 2022...

New features in 2022 - a new & improved Fitting and Size Guide!

Specialist fitting advice for Maternity & Nursing, Sports Bras and Post-Mastectomy products.

Time have changed over the last couple of years so we have also introduced Virtual Fitting Consultations.

We've created extra menu categories to direct you to what you want quicker...including New Arrivals for when you want a quick update as to what you haven't seen yet.

Plus you can book your fitting appointments through our website now too!

Book a Fitting

Above all, our website ‘chefs’ have slaved over the stove to create this moreish dish for you, and we invite you to enjoy shopping with The Fitting Room from the convenience of your own home, on your couch in your pyjamas – just how the best desserts are eaten!

Bon Appétit! x

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