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Pocketed Bras
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Non-Pocketed Bra Recommendations
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Post-Mastectomy Clothing & Accessories
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Post-Mastectomy Swimwear
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Bras, swimwear & prostheses for after breast surgery are core products for The Fitting Room, and we love to help women feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

We are continually extending our range to make sure we meet the needs of New Zealand women after experiencing breast cancer and surgery.

Post-mastectomy fitting info & advice

We have compiled our best advice and hints after fitting women post-surgery for nearly 20 years

Content Page Further Info Post Surgery Fittings
What does a post-surgery fitting involve?

How long should you wait for a fitting? What do you need to bring? These answers and more...

Content Page Further Info Ministry of Health Entitlements
Te Whatu Ora entitlements

What is the Breast Prosthesis Subsidy Payment? How much is it? How do you claim? Plus, everything else you may like to know...

Mastectomy First bras
Bras after surgery...

What products are available, and what can you wear and when? Here we explain the different options and give you our best recommendations...

Mastectomy Prostheses
Prostheses • Breast forms

What is a prosthesis?
How will you know what will work best for you?

Mastectomy care
Product care

Looking after your prosthesis is so important, and your bras too. Here are our recommendations to follow...

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Swimwear after surgery

You can definitely still swim with a breast prosthesis.
See our Prostheses • Breast Forms page to find out more about wearing a prosthesis when swimming.

When it comes to swimwear, you will probably need a pocket to keep your prosthesis in place in the swimsuit. We have a great range of pre-pocketed swimwear at The Fitting Room that also have an elasticated shelf for support under the bust. That means that both the prosthesis and breast will be supported and sit evenly with each other.

Choosing swimwear that is not pocketed is possible. Sometimes fuller coverage underwire styles can hold the prosthesis in place, or you could have a pocket sewn in. Your current swimwear may work with an alteration - it will need to have a double layer of fabric in the front so that you can sew a pocket on the inside layer, with the stitching not going through to the front of the suit.

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Timaru Fitting Trips

For over 10 years, The Fitting Room have been regularly visiting Timaru to do post-mastectomy fittings. Invited by the Cancer Society, we are hosted by the wonderful women at My Physio, who generously let us use two of their physio rooms for the day. We visit for one day every two months, and bring our entire range of bras, prostheses and pocketed swimwear with us. As with fittings in our Christchurch stores, you can take the items away on the day if we have them in stock, and we do all the funding claim forms for you.

Fitting dates for 2024

Thursday 7th March
Thursday 13th June
Thursday 5th September
Thursday 14th November

These dates are subject to change.

For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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