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Virtual Bra Fittings

Fitting lingerie is personal, and all our fitters relish the challenge and the satisfaction of being able to introduce women to lingerie that fits well and is beautiful and comfortable.
Now we can do that from a distance with our Virtual Bra Fitting Consultations.
Communication through computer screens can feel quite detached, so we endeavour to make the process as simple, accurate, personable, and enjoyable as possible.

What is a virtual bra fitting?

A virtual bra fitting is a free online appointment with one of our fitting specialists over Zoom. We offer this service to customers, over 18 years of age*. We require you to purchase a bra from us first using our fitting and size guide and email advice, or have purchased a bra from us relatively recently. We’ll guide you through the process below. This way we can see how that bra fits, and use it to advise what adjustments are needed, or what size or style would be a better option for you.

We can also chat about other things, and answer questions you have in the same way as we would if we were fitting you in-store.

* If you are under 18, we ask that you have a parent or guardian present and that we have written confirmation of this prior to your virtual bra fitting consultation.

How do we begin?

To be sure we can give the most helpful advice and get your best fit, as a starting point, we need you to be wearing a relatively new bra from The Fitting Room. Bras fit differently across brands and styles, and there are exceptions to fitting and size ‘rules’. We are experts in how our bras work and how they compare to one another.

If you have recently purchased from us and would like a Virtual Bra Fitting Consultation, jump to step #5. If you need further help in working out your size or choosing the most suitable style first, read on...

Step 1: Measurements

Have a read through our Fitting & Size Guide, where we explain the way to measure yourself at home.

Step 2: Get in touch

Gather the information below and get in touch with us. Contacting us through our site is preferable, but you can also call is if you wish.

This will give us all the necessary information and allow us to give you an in-depth response.
Contact details: Name, phone & email address.
Whether you have shopped with us before or not.
Measurements: current bra size (your best guess), body/torso measurement, bust measurement.
What you are looking for, and any other things you would like us to know.

Contact Us

Step 3: Our Recommendations

We will get back to you with a few suggestions and are happy to converse back and forth until you feel ready to buy. Then, purchase whatever you choose. Online orders only take a couple of days to arrive and include a ‘free return’ sticker, so items can be sent back to us for a full refund, excluding postage and handling.

Step 4: Try it on

If you feel comfortable and confident in the fit, excellent!

Keep what you like, and return what you don’t using the ‘free return’ sticker. We can’t exchange items online, so if you need to purchase a different size, but don’t want fitting assistance, go ahead, and make another order. Once we receive your returned parcel, your refund will be processed.

Step 5: Virtual fitting

If you feel like the bra isn’t as good as it could or should be, but you’re not sure where to go from here, that’s where our Virtual Bra Fitting Consultation can help. Get back in touch with us, with your preferred day and time of day, and we will book you in.

Virtual Fittings are available:
Monday - Friday 9:30-5:30. Final appointment at 5:00
Late night Thursdays November-February (approximately). Final appointment 7:30.
Please give us 2 days’ notice to schedule and confirm your booking.
Allow up to 30 minutes for your fitting.

We aim for the Virtual Bra Fitting to be as close to an in-store bra fitting as possible. We will likely ask you to adjust your bra: straps, hooks and eyes and cup positioning, and move around slightly - in a similar way to what we would during an in-store fitting. Your fitter will be working in a private room, so you can be sure all discussions and information are confidential. You can move in and out of the screen view to make any adjustments, or to try on a different bra. When fitting in person, we leave the changing room or pull the curtain closed between us and our customer - think of the virtual fitting in the same way.

Step 6: Your best fit

If you need to exchange items, you can use your free returns sticker to send the incorrect ones back to us (for a full refund excluding postage), then purchase your new choices. If you then require a follow-up virtual bra fitting, just let us know.

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