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    A great sports bra can transform your experience of sports and exercise. Especially for fuller-busted women, not having a supportive sports bra can be a barrier to exercise. Our range of sports bras includes award-winning international brands, and high-impact styles, suitable for all sizes from C-JJ & 6-26.

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    Are you ready to cut the bounce and breast pain while also preventing your breasts from sagging? A comfortable and supportive sports bra is a must – so you can focus on enjoying your sport and not worry about the bounce.

    sports bra info & fitting advice

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    What does a sports bra do?

    Did you know that your breasts can move up to 14 centimetres while running and playing high-impact sports, causing irreparable damage to your Cooper’s ligaments? This can cause them to no longer hold your breasts firm to your chest, and cause sagging. Sports bras aim to minimise breast 'bounce' as much as possible. For example, the Panache Original Wired Sports Bra has won awards for reducing bounce by up to 83%!

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    How should my sports bra fit?

    Your sports bra should fit nice and firmly in the under-bust band, and also fit closely to your breast tissue in the cup without much extra space, to give the maximum support. The straps, and the hooks and eyes need to have adjustment space left so that you can tighten them up over time as needed.

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    Can I wear one of my 'old' bras instead?

    No. Really not.
    Your sports bra works 'harder' than any other bra you own, so it needs to be built and fit for purpose. Most of us wear quality shoes that fit our specific foot type for exercise, to protect our feet and knees. The same should apply for your sports bra, to look after your breasts, shoulders and back.

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    Do you exercise frequently?

    If you are exercising a lot and wearing a sports bra for a long period of time, e.g. distance running; every sports bra, like other firm activewear or shoes, may rub in certain places and cause chafing. Anti-chafing cream can be an effective preventative. It can also help to have more than one sports bra to wear on alternate days, and/or a couple of different styles depending on the range of activities you participate in.

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    Types of sports bras

    Compression vs. Encapsulation

    What do these words mean and what difference does it make to my bra?

    Sports bras can work by 'encapsulation' where they fit very precisely and their design and coverage prevents bounce, without pulling the breast towards the chest or by 'compression' where they press very firmly all over and almost press your breasts against your chest wall.

    Usually sports bras have higher coverage in the front to help encapsulate and support. It's very much personal preference. Some women prefer one or the other. In general, you will need to try at least two styles on before determining which you feel most comfortable and supported in.

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    Types of sports bras

    Wired Sports Bras

    Underwires help encapsulate the breast, so many sports bras have them. The breast is naturally contained within the wires. An underwired sports bra is entirely suitable for exercise, assuming it fits well. The wire needs to be resting under and just behind your breast tissue, not sitting on top. Some of the underwires have special cushioning and silicone coating to give extra comfort.

    Non-Wired Sports Bras

    Non-wired bras can give as much support as wired bras. Sometimes they use compression, and other times the overall construction and fit of the bra are what give the hold and lift.

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