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Celeste in Detail: the design of a non-wired full cup bra

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Goddess Lingerie have given a fantastic breakdown of what makes Celeste a brilliant bra! At some point you think that “surely a bra is a bra” right?! There’s so much more that goes into bra design than fabric, a sewing machine and an idea. The amount of technical knowledge and experimentation that occurs until a design ‘ticks all the boxes’, is outstanding. With high levels of support, shaping and comfort, Celeste could be your new best fit.


March 31, 2022



“We want you to not just look your most amazing self but feel your absolute best too, and you told us that your biggest issue with soft cup bras was the side boning – so we removed them! We went back to the drawing board and redesigned the soft cup bra. So instead of the side boning, our new Celeste bra has a unique full circular foam sling and a wide elasticated underband proving you with all the support you need."

"So you still get the same great Goddess fit and lift but without the wires!"

Goddess Celeste Non-Wired Bra
Goddess Celeste outer details
"Never compromise on fit, even with a soft cup bra you can feel confident knowing you’re completely supported while still enjoying maximum comfort."

"The soft simplex cups teamed with the deep hook and eye and raised back provide shaping and smoothing without the need of wires or boning. It’s a new shape for us and we’re excited to share it with you."

Goddess Celeste internal structure
Celeste 1
Projection and definition to rival any underwired bra
Celeste 2
Firm yet comfortable back support! A smooth profile.
Celeste 3
"Minimalist look" with maximum shaping
Celeste 4
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Goddess’ “Celeste collection took us back to the drawing board, with the challenge to create an easy-wearing soft cup bra, which champions comfort without sacrificing on both shape and support. With an innovative cup design and dual strap adjustment feature, we are really excited to share with you the final product.”
Head of Goddess Design

Give Celeste a try, shop online! Or, if you need our help in store, come see us! x

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