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I know my size, do I really need a fitting?

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We often get asked if it is really necessary to come in for a fitting, so is it? Read on to find out why we think the answer is YES...


February 11, 2022

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If you want to be sure that you have the right bra for you, then we strongly recommend having a personalised fitting. Many women who come to see us for the first time are wearing the incorrect bra size and often have issues and insecurities from this. Often these troubles are fixed the moment the correct size and style of bra is worn.

It’s extreeeeeemely rare to find someone who is the exact same bra size for every single style. Just like buying top and pants in clothing stores, you will find your size changes depending on the brand and shape. Based on what purchases you have made before (all conveniently saved in your customer file) we can determine which size will work best in your desired style.

Often there are some variations between bras.
Your fitter will know about these which means that you don’t have to!

When shopping online, if you are after the same item in a different colour, or feel confident about your size – go for it! Any major size variations have been noted down in the 'Size & Fit' sections of their product descriptions, and you will be able to view your previous online purchases in your account to double check. Items you purchase are also able to be returned or exchanged, so there is no need to panic – you will not be stuck with something sitting in your drawer that doesn’t fit. You can also check out our Fitting Information pages online that give you all the tips and tricks, and answers the main questions we get asked about finding the perfect fit.

Once you are in the right size, you'll be amazed how much better you'll feel!

The right size can dramatically improve your comfort level, and also your body silhouette. We have had customers tell us that friends and colleagues ask if they've lost weight, when the only thing that has changed is that they've just got some great fitting bras, and a super flattering swimsuit!

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