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How will you spend your long weekend? We’ve got what you need!

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Just Briefly

Can you believe it’s April already, and we’re halfway through Autumn…how did that happen?!

There’s a bit of respite coming for most of us. With Easter weekend and ANZAC Day on their way, we get to take a breather and re-energise ourselves ready for the winter slog ahead.


April 13, 2022

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There are two types of people over long weekends…those that are busy making plans, and those that are planning to NOT make plans. Whatever these weekends hold in store for you – we’ve got your bra needs sorted.

Answer this: This long weekend I am...

  1. Venturing out for a hike?
  2. Getting in the water?
  3. Attending a big event?
  4. Just chillin’ at home?
Public holiday 1
1. Venturing out on a hike? You need – active support!

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can get away with wearing an old bra for your active days. A good fitting sports bra is paramount for breast support and to relieve and prevent shoulder and back pain.

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Public holiday 2
2. Getting in the water? You need – poolside confidence?

Beach, pool, or a backyard sprinkler even? We’ve got all the options covered with an excellent range of one pieces, tankins and bikinis - many with cup size fittings too - even chlorine resistant styles...

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Public holiday 3
3. Attending a big event? You need – to make your outfit shine!

If you’re dressing up a little fancier than usual, you may find your outfit requires something more specialised than your regular bra. Check out our strapless & convertible options…

Shop Strapless & Convertible Bras >>

Public holiday 4
4. Just chillin’ at home? You need – to find your comfort zone!

You’ve been working hard and now you’re hardly working? Leave your underwired bras in the drawer and relax in a comfortable AND supportive non-wired style.
Even give the Valletta shelf support singlet a try…

Shop Non-Wired Styles >>

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Shop online these long weekends with free returns (within NZ).

Rest easy, have fun! x

Image credits:
Waterfall Track, Hanmer Springs

He Puna Taimoana



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