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Just like new...keeping your lingerie & swimwear looking great

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Just Briefly

Have you treated yourself, or been treated to some gorgeous new lingerie or swimwear recently? Have you redeemed a Gift Voucher that you were given for Christmas?

Surely you want to keep your new lingerie and swimwear in tip-top shape, the way it was when you first unwrapped it. Here's how...


December 24, 2021

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It only take a few extra minutes but can give your items A MUCH longer life. Here are our top 5 tips to treat your garments well…

1. Check the tags

Check the manufacturer care instructions on the inner label of your garment – these are the golden rules!

2. Rinse

For your swimwear: rinse your swimsuit as soon as possible after wearing – this goes for both chlorine and salt water pools. Either wear it into the shower, rinse it in the sink or even under the hose. Stay away from the machines in some pool changing rooms that "dry", squeeze or spin your swimsuit - these can cause damage and your suit won't be covered by a warranty if that happens.

3. Hand wash!

Use our Eucalan 'No-Rinse Delicate Wash' for both your lingerie & swimwear. We swear by it! It’s great for other delicate fabrics too, like wool, linens, and baby clothes. Opt for the fragrance that sounds nicest to you, or choose 'Unscented' if you prefer fragrance free. The best part of this product is NO RINSING! Just put the required amount in a bucket or sink, swish the items around, let them sit for 15-20 minutes, pull out and let dry…VOILAH! If there are some stubborn anti-perspirant or sunscreen stains on your garments, spot clean those with a stronger product prior to using Eucalan.

If you must use a washing machine, please put items in a delicates bag (with hooks and clips done up) and run on a gentle cold water cycle. Please note: your item won't be covered by its warranty if it's machine washed.

4. Air-dry

Dry your garments in the shade, or indoors. If using a washing line or indoor rack, do up your bra or bikini top over the line rather than using pegs. No dryers!

5. Lay them down

Store your garments flat. Sit moulded cup bras inside each other to help them keep their shape.

Bonus tip: for your swimwear: Occasionally you'll find there are granules of sand left in the fibres of your swimsuit even after washing. Here's a trick: wait until the swimsuit is dry, then slowly but surely, stretch the fabric over your fingernails and this will 'flick out' the sand gains.

For further information, please see our Product Care page.

We wish you 'easy' washing! x

Here's the Eucalan we mentioned!

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