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New Wellington Store - the build is coming along!

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Just Briefly

Wow - there will always be a lot more to think about than you would expect when it comes to designing a store. Here's a behind the scenes snapshot of what's happening at the moment.


April 21, 2023

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The site on the corner of Featherston and Grey Streets is full of gorgeous natural light and big windows. We're sure you'll see our eye-catching posters from a good wee way away. If you're a cyclist, you're in luck - park right outside.

VERY important research was required as we needed to be sure there were a couple of good cafes nearby, for our team and for you! Arabica did not disappoint.

Once you pull the walls down, unexpected things appear. Some kind of air/heating/water unit (I was measuring something else when they were talking about it) was intruding on one of our changing rooms. Now you'll have a handy shelf in that room to rest your handbag...silver linings!

Workspace Architects supplied the fashionable outfits for the day. They are doing an amazing job, and generously let us use their meeting room for a couple of days to hold our job interviews.

It's tricky trying to remember the details when making decisions from the South Island. Getting pics from all angles helps rejig our memory. Here Deb and Justin are standing on the "shop floor" looking up and out towards the back room where all our excess stock will be hanging. To the right are some of the spacious changing rooms - although they're not very private at the moment!

Slightly off topic - but it's hard work and we were long overdue for a lunch. Ernesto's has DELICIOUS food (and Mojito Mondays!!!). We're very much looking forward to having a Wellington-team dinner here one day soon.

It's a bit hard to imagine isn't it....let's see if this helps.

Hopefully next time I can show you some more "interior-design-like" photos - wallpaper, chandeliers and luxurious fabrics - that sounds fun right?

Talk soon and see you in June xx


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