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‘Placement print’ Swimwear: what is it & why do we love it?

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Just Briefly

You may have heard the phrase ‘placement print’, or ‘pattern placement’. How are these types of designs different from others you see in swimwear stores and online?


March 04, 2022

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In fashion, a ‘placement print’ is what you call a fabric that has a large motif or design that is strategically placed on a garment for maximum impact. The position of the artwork design is controlled on each product, rather than relying on a roll of all-over-print fabric.

Some of the reasons we love placement prints on our swimwear…

  • Their design is so alluring and eye-catching, often having an unquestionable point of difference.

  • They can make fantastic use of colour blocking: composing ‘shapes’ and creating visual movement within a swimsuit.

  • Often the artwork is placed off-centre. By “tricking the eye” this gives a flattering line to your figure, forming interesting angles and enhancing your curves.

  • Striking design features can be created within the print itself e.g. faux belts/waist bands for added definition, torso wrap detailing, and neckline enhancing embellishments.

  • They are composed with the goal of accentuating most women’s favourite features and disguising or detracting from areas we aren’t as keen on.
One of our favourite benefits:
A placement print most often has the artwork scaled to the size of the garment, so you get the same overall look regardless of what size you purchase. So awesome!

Print and pattern placement is SUPPOSED to be done with much care and thought – as it can go VERY wrong!

If you fancy a laugh – have a look…

Unfortunate pattern placements…

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