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Nursing Bras internal support

Nursing Bras - Internal structure & support

Nursing bras can have an internal A-frame or side-sling support for feeding. Both terms refer to how support is provided by the bra to the breast when the cup is dropped down for breastfeeding your baby. There is no right or wrong way, it just comes down to personal preference and what you find most comfortable.

Our most-popular nursing bras come from the NZ brand Hotmilk. have summarised the two main forms of internal support in your nursing bras: the A-frame and the Side Sling.

The following information has been adapted from and their retailer access portal.

A-frame style

Maternity Internal Support A frame
What is an A-frame?

The A-frame provides a triangle frame around, and across, the top of the breast (like a capital A) when the cup is dropped down for feeding.

Some mothers prefer this as it covers more of the breast for discreet feeding. This option provides greater coverage and support and can be more suitable for larger bust sizes.

Maternity Internal Support A frame 2
Things to check...

• The A-frame should sit comfortably against the breast and not cut in across the top of the cup.

• Check the inside opening is large enough to expand and doesn’t cut in.

• Make sure there is enough overlap between the top of the cup and the a-frame cut-out. If there is a gap (meaning you can see your breast) this may mean the cup size is too small.

Maternity Internal Support A frame 3
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Side sling style

Maternity Internal Support Side sling
What is a side-sling?

Side-sling maternity bras feature a ‘sling’ of fabric on the outer side of the cup that supports the breast during feeding. Side-sling nursing bras reveal more of the breast (the top half) and allow greater skin-on-skin contact between mum and baby during breastfeeding. The Side Sling style has slightly less support and can be suited more towards smaller busts.

Maternity Internal Support Side sling 2
Things to check...

• Check the side sling is sitting comfortably on the outer side of the breast.

• As with any bra, it should not dig into the skin or sit too high under the arm.

• Check that the sling doesn’t cover or obstruct the areola or nipple.

Maternity Internal Support Side sling 3
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