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Essential Delta Traditional Silicone Breast Form AM247


The Essential Delta Breast Form from Amoena is a lightweight silicone breast prosthesis designed to give a natural feeling and appearance. It is a triangular symmetrical breast form which moves naturally with the body and relaxes when a woman is lying down. It also quickly warms to body temperature to create a soft, natural outline.

  • Developed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery.
  • InTouch Light Silicone creates an ultra-soft breast form with the most natural appearance and feel possible.
  • Symmetrical form for average cup shapes.
  • Lightweight silicone is approximately 25% lighter than standard silicone breast forms of the same shape and size.
  • Flowable gel back layer that its snug against the chest wall, filling in any unevenness.

Sizes available: 2-12.
PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone.

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