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ReCover Shell Breast Form TR822


The ReCover Shell Breast Form from Trulife is designed for staged reconstruction, partial mastectomy and congenital asymmetry. Two removable silicone inserts and a full shell form allow for sizes changes during the reconstruction process. The triangular shape offers overall coverage. Layered back provides additional fullness and projection when needed. Can be worn directly against the chest wall or inside a bra. The tackiness of the back and inserts allows them to stay in place if not worn inside a cover or bra pocket and to stay together when layered. Fine, thin tapered edges provide a seamless, intimate fit.

  • Honeycomb core ensures optimum breathability.
  • Super soft middle layer mimics the movement of natural breast tissue.
  • Skin-like outer layer feels soft and gives a natural appearance.
  • Subtle hand-embossed integrated nipple and areola add to the realistic design.
  • Translucent appearance to adapt to your natural skin colour.

100% pure natural medical grade silicone.
Sizes available: S-XL.
Carry bag included.

This item is only able to be purchased in-store:
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Christchurch | 360 Colombo Street, Sydenham.
Wellington | 188 Featherston Street, Wellington Central.

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