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Working from home? Time to ditch the underwire?

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Just Briefly

More and more of us are working from home lately. There has been so much commentary around about ditching-the-bra, as if the only reason we wear a bra is to keep our buttons and collars sitting correctly in our crisp white office shirt!

Sometimes being braless ISN’T actually more comfortable, especially for long periods of time! However, there is an “in-between” option…


January 21, 2022

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You may wish to wear something less structured and perhaps a style without an underwire. So, let us introduce you to a few styles that could be worth a try for those more “relaxed” days. Side note: they’re also great for long haul flights (when they’re back up and running), and long car trips!


They’re fab and gorgeous for both night and day. Various styles will fit sizes ranging from A-E cup.

Non-wired A-D cup bras

We have a pretty great range featuring moulded t-shirt bras, delicate lace, smooth-line styles and a collection of colours and neutral tones.

Non-wired full cup bras

The realities of non-wired bras will differ from that of their wired counterparts. There will be less selection in shape, especially in fuller cup sizes (F and up). This is mainly because fewer brands specialise in these sizes regardless of the style of bra. So, there are a lot of bad non-wired bras around (i.e. they don’t actually do anything and can cause even more discomfort). Our fuller cup non-wired bras come from the same brands that make excellent bras full stop – this way you can trust that the same technology, research and design goes into your bra.

There will also be less choice of colour and print – that simply comes down to consumer demand, plus the fact that features like fine lace and delicate straps are going to be less beneficial for long term wear.

Non-wired sports bras

So many of our ladies enjoy the benefits of a sports bra even when not doing ‘sporting activities’. They’re made with such outstanding support and are designed for supreme comfort during movement, that it makes total sense why! Keep in mind, they will be a firm fit and often have added compression to keep the girls in place. So, if you are after something more “relaxed” for your non-wired bra experience, try either a looser fit, or a style such as a “pullover” or a yoga bra.

Non-wired singlets

If you haven’t seen our Amoena Valletta moulded cup singlet top with shelf support – then we urge you to check it out!

Some of our favourite non-wired styles

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Still not sure that a non-wired style would work for you?

Let’s meet somewhere in the middle with a FLEXI-WIRE underwired bra, try one from Prima Donna. One of our top sellers is the Madison Full Cup Bra and it is a favourite with both customers and our fitting specialists. Flexi-wire styles allow for great freedom of movement and are particularly fabulous for ladies who are shorter in the body or sit for long periods of time.

If you have any questions, you know where to find us. Either contact us online, book an appointment or give us a call!

We want to help you find your best fit! x

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