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The only way to be sure what prosthesis will be the best for you is to come and try them on. However this will give you an overview of some of the features of the different types, and reasons why they may work well for you.

Types of prostheses

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Mastectomy Prostheses Silicone
1. Traditional silicone prostheses

About 25-30% lighter than full weight, much lighter than they used to be, these are the first choice for many women. They work best within a pocketed bra because they have a wafer-thin polyurethane cover that can get a bit sweaty against the skin. The weight means that they sit level to your own breast if you have had a single mastectomy & feel like a natural, matching weight. You must take care because if it tears the sticky silicone inside will leak out. However they usually last well. We have different shapes to choose from, to best match your own breast.

Mastectomy Prostheses TR 151
2. Sublime ‘Arís’ prosthesis

Sublime ‘Arís’ is our newest style of prosthesis, this is made from 100% medical grade silicone, all the way through. The tiny honeycomb holes mean that it’s 50% lighter than full weight, so very light. It can also be worn against your skin, and the tacky feeling to the material means it will stay put better. Because of its design, Sublime Arís keeps you cool and helps manage perspiration. It is very durable and will not leak sticky silicone if you put a tear in it.

Mastectomy Prostheses Partial
3. Partial prostheses

These are partial silicone forms that restore symmetry for women who for any reason (including surgery or congenital) have significant asymmetry between their left and right breasts. There are the traditional silicone shapes with polyurethane cover, or the Arís styles that are made of silicone all the way through. The Arís styles have the option of 3 layers that can be used together or separately to customise the size and shape. The 3 layers can also be useful if breast size is changing over time e.g. with use of a chest expander before implant surgery.

Mastectomy Prostheses Leisure foam
4. ‘Leisure’ foam breast forms

These are made from moulded foam, are very light weight, and ideal for wearing around home or in a sports bra if you want an alternative. Some women choose to wear them all the time instead of a silicone style. The disadvantage for daily wear is that being so light, they will tend to ride up, and not sit level with your own breast. They work best in pocketed bras to prevent them riding up or poking out. If you have had bilateral mastectomies they may work well, but you will need to wear a firm fitting bra to hold them at the level/height you want.

Mastectomy Prostheses Swimming
5. Prostheses for swimming

The prostheses we stock are safe for salt or chlorinated water. It can be convenient to have another style so you can easily change between your bra and swimsuit, and prevents wear and tear on your main prosthesis. Options include:
• Foam shapers - cost-effective but will collect water so need to be squeezed out.
• A weighted ‘Bead’ shaper - water will run through it.
• ‘ActiveFlow’ form - designed for swimming & other activities. All forms will need to be in a pocketed swimsuit to keep them in place.

We have put together some further information that you might find useful. We will go over everything necessary in your fitting, but sometimes it is nice to feel prepared. If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please get in touch.
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