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Bras after surgery

Bras after surgery

Immediately after any breast surgery, particularly mastectomy surgery, a comfortable and soft bra is usually required. Often it can be challenging to lift your arms over your head. So it’s ideal to have something you can step into or fasten at the front.

We have bra and singlet options, all of which have an elastic shelf inside that gives support, and all of them also have a 'pocket'. The pocket is an extra layer of fabric inside the cups that you can put a foam breast form or prosthesis into if you choose, to hold it securely. We have a few excellent options, see them below.

Comfortable styles for straight after surgery

Our 'go-to' selection for easy-dressing, and maximum comfort

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Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Frances2
Frances Front Fastening Bra

Limited Edition Blue Leo
Sizes XS-XXL (8-18) unless already sold.

Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Eliza
Eliza Soft Non-Wired Bra

Pretty & practical Indigo Blue
Sizes S-XXL (10-18) unless already sold.

Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Valletta
Valletta Shelf Support Singlet

Available in Black, White & Seasonal Colours
Sizes 8-26 (XS-6XL)

Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Becky
Becky Seamless Crop Top

Available in Rose Nude
Sizes S-XL (10-16)

Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Frances
Frances Front Fastening Bra

Available in Black and White
Sizes S-XXL (10-18)

Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Kitty
Kitty Seamless Crop Top

Available in Rose Nude
Sizes S-XXL (10-18)

Mastectomy First Bras suggestions Lynn
Lynn Non-Wired Zip Front Bra

Available in Black & Lotus
Sizes S-XXL (10-18)

After approximately 6 weeks after surgery, we recommend having a fitting for your bras and prosthesis, when any swelling has settled, and you are ready to wear an ordinary daily wear bra. A good fitting bra is essential for your prosthesis to feel comfortable and secure, so having a fitting for both at the same time is a good idea.

We usually suggest non-wired bras for the first 12 months after surgery because it can take some time for your body to heal. After that time, you may choose to get underwire bras again if you find them comfortable and supportive. There is no research that confirms underwire bras are unsafe or to be avoided.

Bras to wear with a prosthesis

The only way to be sure what prosthesis will be the best for you is to come and try them on. However, this will give you an overview of some of the features of different types and reasons why they may work well for you.

Mastectomy First bras Pocketed
Pocketed bras

The advantages of pocketed bras are that the prosthesis is held securely, and won’t show over the top of your bra. They are designed to give full coverage which covers the prosthesis and holds it in close to your chest wall. Some prostheses can be worn directly against your skin. In that situation, you may still choose to purchase a pocketed bra because it is a good and comfortable fit - you don’t need to use the pocket if it’s not required. See our range...

Mastectomy First bras Non wired
Other non-wired bras

Some other non-wired bras can also fit a prosthesis well. They need to have full coverage in the front to cover the prosthesis, and often some stretch in the top of the bra to mould around the top of the prosthesis and hold it close to your chest wall.
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Mastectomy First bras cover
A fabric cover for your prosthesis

Some prostheses are designed to be worn either in a pocket or in a fabric cover and not directly against your skin. If you purchase a non-pocketed bra, it is useful to put the prosthesis in a fabric cover.
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Mastectomy First bras Wired
Wired bras

When you feel ready, you may choose to wear a wired bra with your prosthesis. Many women appreciate the extra separation and lift they can give. Particularly beneficial for fuller-busted women, if you have had a single side mastectomy, a wire will keep your own breast in place and the bra centered. The bra must be fitted well, have full coverage, and often elasticated lace/fabric at the top. We have found some of these wired bras can work very well. Have a look...

for confidence after breast surgery
We have put together some further information that you might find useful. We will go over everything necessary in your fitting, but sometimes it is nice to feel prepared. If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please get in touch.

Mastectomy Prostheses
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What is a prosthesis?
How will you know what will work best for you?

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Mastectomy care
Product care

Looking after your prosthesis is so important, and your bras too. Here are our recommendations to follow...

Customer favourites

Great-fitting styles that our customers & fitters are loving

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